How to make an Appointment

Appointment Information

We will always endeavour to let you book an appointment with the doctor of your choice at a time that suits you best. This is obviously not always possible especially at times of high demand (usually around the holiday periods) and when doctors are on holiday. We are constantly reviewing the appointment system to offer a range of availability.

Children under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.

If more than one member of your family wishes to be seen, please make a separate appointment for each person.

On arrival at the surgery for your appointment, please report to the reception window and let the receptionist know you have arrived.

Routine Appointments

Routine appointments are each day of the week.

Urgent Problems during Surgery Hours

If you have an urgent problem during surgery hours and no appointments are available, the receptionist will ask you for some indication as to the nature of the problem then a GP will call you back as soon as possible.

This service should only be used for genuine emergency problems. Non-urgent matters cannot be dealt with in these surgeries. If you attend inappropriately, the doctor may ask you to book a non-urgent appointment for a later date.


Please ask a receptionist to book an interpreter who speaks your language. Your appointment time may be limited by the availability of this service.

Cancelling Your Appointment

If you have booked an appointment with a Doctor, Nurse or other member of staff, it is really important to let us know if you need to cancel it.

Methods for cancelling your appointment are:

Why is it important to tell us you want to cancel your appointment?

Many patients fail to cancel their appointments each month; this wastes a lot of valuable Doctor and Nursing time and also means everyone waits longer to be seen.

By telling us in good time that you cannot keep an appointment, we can offer your appointment to someone else. This helps us to reduce waiting times and means everyone can be seen sooner.


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